July 29

Kathy’s Birthday Celebration

We celebrate Kathy's birthday at Martha and Steve's home in San Martin. We started the afternoon playing the 'Word' game (the team of Martha/Jim won!). Nina then served up a wonderful mexican meal. Afterwards we retreated to the backyard to open gifts and play on the grass. We all had a nice gathering for Kathy's celebration... Happy Birthday, Kathy!

  • Toby and Patty team up during the "Word" game

  • Georgia, Emily and Olivia

  • The grandkids!

  • Smile! Patty and Alan

  • Check out all that metal

  • Jim and Sheila

  • Toby, Steve and Martha

  • Ah to be young again

  • Tim and Patty

  • The perfect pyramid

  • Handmade birthday card from Olivia

  • Handmade birthday card from Emily

  • Kathy getting a friendship bracelet

  • Kathy getting a friendship bracelet

  • Nice shirt

  • Kathy and her grandkids

  • Gardening shoes

  • Gardening shoes and boots

  • New pants

  • Kathy and the grandkids

  • Yum