August 26

Brent’s Birthday at Testarossa Winery

We celebrate Brent's 45th birthday at Testarossa Winery up on the hills above Los Gatos. Joy, Mary, Brent and I arrive at the winery early to nap prime picnic tables. Shortly Carolyn, Anthony and little Anthony arrive followed by Tanya and Padi. We had a fantastic spread of breads, chips, meats, cheeses, fruit and various bottles of wine. The weather was perfect and sunny in the 70's while we celebrated Brent's birthday.

  • Joy, Brent and I

  • Cari, Mary, Brent and Anthony

  • Anthony and Mary entering the winery

  • Happy Birthday Brent! Cheers!

  • Inside the winery

  • Wine tasting

  • Wine tasting

  • Dessert time

  • Group photo 1

  • Group photo 2

  • Group photo 3

  • Little Anthony under the table

  • Joy and Anthony

  • Cari and Joy