September 21

Shuttle Endeavour Flyover

The space shuttle Endeavour made a historic flyover at several locations in Northern California before being placed in it's final location at the Space Museum in Los Angeles. One of the flyover locations was Moffet Field in Mountain View, just down the street from the Symantec office. Chris, Celeste and Jeff walked down to the field to watch the flyover. We were in a sea of 20,000 onlookers waiting for the jumbo jet carrying it's shuttle passenger. At around 10:30am the large plane made a low 1,500' flyover on the west side of the field. The plane actually flew directly over the Symantec offices.

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  • Chris, Celeste and Jeff heading toward Moffet Field along Ellis

  • Numerous television stations were on site

  • The crowd of around 20,000 people

  • The famed hanger stripped down to it's metal frame

  • Chris and Jeff getting their cameras ready

  • Don't take my photo!

  • Yes I was here!

  • Shuttle Endeavour appears from the west behind the hangar

  • Shuttle Endeavour

  • Shuttle Endeavour

  • Shuttle Endeavour

  • Shuttle Endeavour flys south over Symantec and back to LA