October 6

Alisal High School 30th Reunion

Really has it been 30 years! WOW. After attending Toby's family reunion I drive south along the coast toward Salinas. I check into the Best Western and get ready. Florinda picks me up in her black Porsche Boxster and we arrive at Penny Farthing at 7pm. We meet up with Ranelle who I haven't seen in almost almost 30 years! With the advent of social media many of my classmates have been in touch online but not seen each other physically for a long time. It was great time catching up and seeing everyone. Everyone looks great just a little bit older.

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  • Florinda and her Porsche

  • Florinda and Alan

  • Alan and Ranelle

  • Ranelle and Alan

  • James, Gene and Diane

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  • Russ, Danny

  • Nancy, Alan, Sandra and Florinda

  • Florinda, Alan, Janice and Lisa

  • Alan and Janice

  • Janie and Randy

  • Florinda, Leslie and Ranelle

  • Betty announcing the winners

  • AHS class of 1982

  • Jeannie and Alan

  • The guys

  • The gals

  • Our officers: Leslie, Randy, Nancy and Alicia

  • FWEE

  • Janie and Pam

  • William, Alicia and Randy

  • Ed, ?, Judy, ?

  • Alan and Lisa

  • Janice, Pam and Lisa

  • Judy, Betty, Margaret and Jeannie

  • Judy, Betty and Margaret

  • Judy, Betty, Margaret, Janie and Yvonne