December 9

Celebrating Emily’s 11th Birthday

We celebrate Emily's 11th birthday in San Carlos. After we decorate our tree we head over to Tim and Patty's for a fun evening. Michelle and her family were also visiting. Have a wonderful birthday Emily!

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • Red in need of a little snack

  • The kids having a dance competition

  • The birthday girl with Georgia

  • Emily, Georgia and Alan

  • Emily is soon to be a year older

  • A rainbow stunt streamer gift

  • A classic toy! A spin on the "Whee-lo"

  • Hang Man game

  • Georgia test out the stunt streamer

  • Michelle and Patty

  • Emily playing with her Whee-Lo

  • More Georgia and the stunt streamer

  • Kathy, Emily and Georgia

  • The Whee-Lo lights up in the dark