December 22

Celebration in San Martin

Martha and Steve hosts a wonderful holiday celebration in their home in San Martin this year. Earlier that afternoon Toby and I pick up Kathy, Charley and Cameron from Sheila's and bring them down to San Martin with us.

For an appetizer Toby and I brought ingredients to make fresh and healthy Vietnamese style spring rolls. We had most of the vegetables chopped and prepared before arriving. We also had shrimp and crab legs. It was a fun activity soaking the wrappers in warm water and wrapping the ingedients into a roll. We provided sweet chili sauce and peanut satay for a dip. Afterwards the kids opened their gifts.

Later that evening Steve and Martha prepared a yummy dinner for us. We sat in the dining room enjoying each other's company.

Afterwards the fun began with the yearly adult gift exchange. One of the fun gifts exchanged this year was a lime green telephone handset for a cell phone... so retro! The children entertained themselves by doing plays and wrapping themselves with left over wrapping paper... creative!

Thanks again to Martha and Steve for a wonderful evening and a delicious dinner. Everyone have a wonderful Christmas season.

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • Merry Christmas!

  • Kathy, Toby and Martha

  • Is it time for a holiday drink

  • Slicing up the cucumbers for the spring rolls

  • The traditional Manhattan

  • Alan demonstrating how the wrap a spring roll

  • Everyone busily preparing their spring rolls

  • By the tree in the living room

  • Olivia opens up her gift, a purple pillow

  • Georgia trying on her newcustom knit cap

  • Emily with her new denim jacket

  • Georgia shows us her newiTouch case from Justice

  • Cameron opens up his book, a gaming guide to Skyrim

  • Festive holiday lamps in the kitchen

  • Gathering around the dining table for dinner

  • Georgia and Emily

  • Toby, Sheila, Kathy and Martha

  • A classic phone receiver for a cell phone

  • Olivia, Georgia and Emily

  • Toby opens up a picture frame

  • Kathy opens up a teavana set

  • Martha and Patty

  • Steve opens up his gift, what is that again?

  • Emily and Georgia striking a pose

  • Starwars cookie cutters

  • Charley all wrapped up

  • Georgia all wrapped up

  • Charley is now also masked and wrapped

  • Olivia all wrapped up

  • It's a wrap!

  • Hello is anyone there?

  • Emily posing like a figure skater or ballerina

  • Georgia getting into the jumping photo pose

  • Georgia is on top

  • Now Emily is on top

  • It's the beginning of the Murphy circus act

  • Hopefully Tim didn't drink too much

  • Ready for a group shot