December 23-26

Christmas 2012

This holiday season I headed to my parents on Sunday the 23rd and stayed through Wednesday the 26th. That Sunday my sister and her boyfriend Rene arrived and stayed through Monday. That Sunday evening we opened up their gifts and played a fun round of Guesstures.

On Monday Andrew and Rose arrived after celebrating Rose's 40th birthday in Las Vegas. Later that evening on Christmas Eve we opened up gifts. I also showed the family two new games: First to 100, and the "Word" game (nick nick) (crevices).

On Christmas Day, Joey and Peter arrived from Sacramento. Soon afterwards arrived Romar, Victoria and Aaliyah. After a late lunch we opened up gifts and played a fun round of the "Word" game. In the afternoon Banning arrived from Salinas to celebrate the holiday with family.

On Wednesday (after a few auto issues) I drove down to Salinas to spend the day with Fred. We did lunch at Sakura Buffet. Luckily my car held out until it's big tuneup the following day. The holidays was fun this year.

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and may the new year bring wonderful memories.

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • My sister's jingly new holiday slippers

  • Rene making his famed lime vodka mint drink

  • Detail of the tree

  • Jane and Cedric make rum balls

  • Rene opening up his fishing gift

  • I give Jane and Rene a framed picture

  • The Galindez 2013 calendar

  • Cedric playing Guestures

  • Rene playing Guestures

  • Salmon slippers

  • The guys

  • Rene and Janell with Chicka

  • The family early Christmas Eve

  • Later that evening, opening up gifts

  • Colin with a robotic scorpian

  • A gift from Disneyland

  • Hit this as oppose to his brother

  • Cedric's microscope kit

  • Gifts from Disneyland

  • More toys for Cedric

  • Gifts for Rose

  • To add to my camera lens fund

  • Antler coat hangers

  • Can you see my brother?

  • Mom's pearl necklace from Mike

  • Framed picture from Alan

  • ProBass gift card for dad

  • Dad's big gift, an iPad

  • Joey, Andrew, Rose and Peter

  • Cedric, Colin, Aaliyah and Victoria

  • Joey and Peter and their clock gift

  • Aaliyah opening up her gifts

  • Romar opening up his gifts

  • Victoria opening up her gifts

  • Pink Minney Mouse ears from Disneyland

  • A Santa Chicka

  • Another musical protege in the making

  • The family

  • The family?

  • Don't they look excited

  • The Pitchers

  • The Fremont Galindez Clan

  • The Boholanos

  • The guys

  • Peter and Joey

  • In Salinas visiting Fred

  • Gifts from Fred

  • Fred's gifts