January 19

The Horse Park

On a clear crisp Saturday our landlady Kay gives the Murphy clan a tour of Folger's Stable at Wunderlich Park and the Horse Park at Woodside.

We first meet up at the cottage in Menlo Park and then caravan out through Woodside to Wunderlich Park. It was a popular destination that day with many cars having to park on Woodside road. Once in the park we toured the recently renovated historic Folger's Stable and visited the museum.

From Wunderlich Park we then headed to the Horse Park at Woodside. This is the location where Kay has trained in eventing. Once inside the Horse Park Kay shows us around the horse facilities like stables and arenas. We saw a polo practice match in session. We then fed carrots to horses inside the stable.

It was a fascinating tour of the horse facilities and such a beautiful day to experience it. Thanks Kay for showing us the Horse Park.

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • The old cold storage building in Wunderlich park

  • Emily striking a pose

  • A busy day at Wunderlich park

  • The renovated historic Folger's Stable, circa 1909

  • Olivia and Emily on the historic plaque

  • Inside the stable where the museum is located

  • Here comes Georgia

  • Inside the warm museum

  • The ornate and very clean Folger's stable

  • Outside the front of the stable

  • Of course there is a horse at the stable

  • Everyone heading back to car at Wunderlich Park

  • Approaching the cold storage building again

  • Emily outside the cold storage building

  • Inside the cold storage building

  • An interesting horse as we approach the Horse Park

  • A view of the vast land inside the Horse Park

  • We view a practice polo match in session

  • We view a practice polo match in session

  • We view a practice polo match in session

  • Emily views a horse on a treadmill

  • Georgia showing us her lasso skills

  • Inside the larger horse stable in the park

  • Kay showing the girls how to feed carrots to horses

  • Emily feeding a horse

  • Georgia feeding a horse

  • Kathy feeding a horse carrots

  • This horse looks like it could use a snack

  • Alan takes his turn feeding carrots to a horse

  • This horse is looking for a carrot!

  • Pretty horse

  • Emily doing cartwheels

  • Georgia's turn doing cartwheels

  • And now Olivia

  • Tim helps Emily do her back bend

  • Barbara strolling by the horses

  • Toby checking out the unique coloring of this horse

  • Tim petting a horse

  • Checking out the horse treadmill

  • Making a quick escape as the horse takes a dump

  • At the horse wash

  • The Murphy clan strolling around the Horse Park

  • Majestic oaks dot the park

  • A pretty white horse