March 1

Celebrating Kelly's Birthday

After work on Friday we head over to Stephanie and Bryan's home in Morgan Hill for a friends get together as well as celebrating Kelly's recent birthday!

On our way to Morgan Hill we head to downtown San Jose and picked up Julie. The drive was surprisingly easy for a Friday and we beat Louie, Kelly and Felicia to Steph's home. Once in Morgan Hill we had a great time catching up and updating on the latest health scares news. We had pizza, skewers, soup, and appetizers for dinner. Julie made a delicious cake to celebrate Kelly's birthday. We ended the night playing the 'Word' game and also Guesstures. Louie, Kelly and Felicia stay the night while Toby and I drop off Julie on our way home that evening.

It was great seeing everyone and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY!

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • Julie and Toby

  • Alan and Julie

  • Julie and Kelly

  • Louie, Bryan and Alan

  • Pooped out already

  • Group shot... smile!

  • Felicia and Steph

  • Julie's cake... yum

  • Julie with the birthday boy

  • Happy birthday to you!

  • Our card (and AMC tix) for Kel

  • Kelly and Felicia

  • Toby, Kelly and Louie

  • Louie and Toby

  • Felicia, Julie and Alan

  • Playing Guesstures (this is the winning team)

  • Louie giving his 'clues'

  • Playing Guesstures!