March 2

Gold Striker Construction Tour

California's Great America provided ACE a special construction tour of the 'under construction' new woodie "Gold Striker". In addition to the behind the scenes tour they gave us updates throughout the park for the 2013 Season.

Once inside the park I saw familiar faces like Elliot, James, and Nicholas. We then entered the theater for a presentation on the new coaster and developments throughout the park. Afterwards we broke off into smaller groups and had to wear hard hards and vests as we entered the still under construction wooden roller coaster. Once the construction tour concluded we toured the entire park to see upcoming changes for the season. I mostly noticed updated paint, landscaping and new employees being trained. Once we did a complete circle of the park we headed over to SkyFlyer for free rides, interviews and a raffle for a new Gold Striker sweater (Leonard won).

Also note, this was the closets I've came to see the new 49er stadium under construction.

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • Gold Striker wraps around the SkyTower

  • Alan and Snoopy

  • Inside the theater for the presentation

  • Our group heading for the construction tour

  • Me and a hard hat... nope I'm not in the Village People

  • Inside the queue area of the new coaster

  • Me and James Baker

  • The SkyTower wrapped in the first drop of Gold Striker

  • An 85 degree banked turn

  • Another view of Gold Striker

  • Another view of Gold Striker

  • Another view of Gold Striker

  • Our day's host about to do SkyFlyer

  • And there they go!

  • Nicholas interviewing Roger Ross

  • The new 49er stadium being constructed in the olverflow parking lot

Backside of Gold Striker as seen from behind SkyFlyer.