April 13

Monica and Matthew's Wedding

We joined the marriage celebration of Rich and Teri's daughter Monica to Matthew Steffen at a beautiful wedding in Burlingame's Crystal Springs Golf Course.

Toby and I drove from San Mateo, followed by Kathy, Monica, Ted and Joann. When we arrived at the golf course we notice guests parking their car at the entrance and walking to the open bluff to where the ceremony was taking place. We parked their as well. The skies were blue and clear as the sun loomed low over the western hills across Crystal Springs. However the wind was brisk and temperatures crisp, unfortunately Toby and I didn't have jackets. We thought warm thoughts as the beautiful ceremony unfolded. The bridal party first proceeded to the gazebo before Rich walked Monica down the aisle. The officiant performed a wonderful job with just the right blend of advice and wisdom with a little humor thrown in. He also knew the couple well so that sure helped.

After the ceremony we quickly warmed up in our car as we drove down the road to the reception in the club house. The banquet room was beautifully decorated in shades of red and gold with rose floral bouquet and rose flower bowls adorning the center pieces of each table. We all had assigned tables and we sat at the corner of the dance floor at table #6 along with the Cernas and Tim's family. The adjoining room had an open bar and appetizers before the main buffet dinner was served.

After our meal we had toast from the father of the bride, Rich who gave a warm heart felt toast. Shannon, the matron-of-honor then gave her toast soon followed by the groom's brother, Michael. Dancing soon followed with the father/daughter dance.

Eventually the lights dimmed and the colored lights flashed around the room as the party began. The dance floor erupted in party staple songs like "YMCA" and "Cha Cha Slide" and new soon to be party staple songs "Gangnam Style". The big hit was the photo booth full with fun props (see photos below). The wedding celebration was a big success and it was fun seeing family and familiar faces and meeting a few new faces.

Congratulations Monica and Matthew and to your wonderful future together. Have a wonderful honeymoon in Tahiti.

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • The gazebo on a bluff

  • Kathy and Monica get escorted to their seats

  • "As two families are becoming one, we ask that you choose a seat and not a side"

  • Brett walks his cousin Julie to her seat

  • The gazebo overlooking Crystal Springs reservoir

  • Toby talking to Larry waiting for the ceremony to begin

  • Teri the proud bride's mother walking down the aisle with the groom Matthew

  • Jessica Athanacio and John Mangle

  • The bridal party awaiting Monica to walk down the aisle

  • Rich walking his daughter to the alter

  • Monica and Rich

  • The couple to be before the officiant

  • Butterflies released after the ceremony by the moms

  • The wedding cake at the reception

  • Cousins Teri and Toby

  • Katie, Teri, Joann, Patty, Tim and Alan

  • Sheila, Joann, Teri and Jim

  • Alan, Tim and Patty

  • Floating roses as our tables centerpiece

  • A floral bouquet on the table next to ours

  • Patty, Tim, Joann, Toby, Martha, Kathy and Sheila

  • Now joined in with Olivia, Emily and Georgia

  • Georgia thinking "I can't believe this is my first wedding... ever!"

  • Sisters: Kathy and Monica

  • Sisters: Kathy and Monica

  • The Murphys: Patty, Tim, Olivia and Emily

  • Always posing for the camera

  • The bridge and groom: Monica and Matthew

  • The bridge and groom: Monica and Matthew

  • The proud father giving his toast and advice to the newly weds

  • Our table #6

  • Sheila putting Emily's hair up

  • The couples first dance as Matthew gives Monica a twirl

  • The newlyweds first dance

  • Father daughter dance

  • Father daughter dance

  • Getting down dancing to Cha Cha Slide

  • Getting down dancing to Cha Cha Slide

  • How many glasses can you fit onto a table?

  • Toby and his cousin Rita's daughter, Julie

  • Julie and Alan

  • Photobooth crazies

  • Photobooth antics adult style

  • Darcy photobooth fun

  • Who are these scary pair of masked sisters?

  • Cousin photobooth madness

  • Cousins! (photo by Patty)

  • Toby and Alan in Menlo Park before the ceremony