April 14

San Martin

The family gathers a day after Monica's wedding at the Darcy's home in San Martin for dinner and Toby's birthday celebration.While visiting we have wonderful appetizers, drinks and a fabulous dinner followed by an intense round of the "Word" game... (we all know who Chum Lee is now!) Soon we celebrated Toby's birthday with cake and gifts. Then Monica showed us her wonderful detailed quilt... incredible! Thanks again Martha, Steve and Cameron for hosting a wonderful get together.

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  • It's someone's birthday this month

  • These appetizers were yummy as they were pretty

  • An intense game of chess between cousins

  • Picture time in the kitchen

  • Closer together for this photo

  • Everyone socializing in the kitcheen while dinner is being prepared

  • Kathy, Joann and Monica

  • Patty and Tim show us their pearly whites

  • The kids by the firepit, nice fire Cameron

  • The girls running away from me. I know I'm scary

  • Jim carves the meat while we line up for food

  • Some eat outside to enjoy the nice weather

  • Georgia with her floating orange boat

  • Emily always posing for the camera

  • Word team: Patty and Joann

  • Word team: Monica and Tim

  • Word team: Ted and Sheila (sometimes Jim and Charley too)

  • Word team: Kathy and Martha

  • Word team: Toby and Alan

  • What great blue glasses

  • Georgia lighting candles on Toby's birthday cake

  • Time to sing Happy Birthday

  • The birthday boy and his cake

  • Ready and blow

  • A unique cheese serving board from the Darcys

  • A blue handkerchief

  • Monica showing us her fabulous quilt

  • Monica showing us her fabulous quilt

  • Contrast detail of the front and back of the quilt

  • Close up of one of the quilt sections