April 19

Lumineer’s Concert at the Greek in Berkeley

We see the folk rock sensation The Lumineers perform live at the Greek Theater in UC Berkeley. Mary drives Toby and I from Menlo Park to the venue in Berkeley. Joy and Brent arrived earlier with Laurie to get good seats for us. Marthe luy, Toby and I miss the first opening act and part of the second act but were there for the main event. The Lumineers put on a great live show performing many songs from their one album. They performed some new songs and even ventured out into the theater to play a couple of them. Great evening.

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  • Toby, Brent, Mary, Joy, and Rihanna at The Greek

  • Alan, Brent, Mary and Joy

  • The Lumineers performing at the Greek

  • Westly Shultz of the Lumineers

  • The Lumineers performing at the Greek

  • The Lumineers performing at the Greek