April 20

Celebrating Aaliyah’s 4th Birthday

To celebrate Aaliyah's Birthday we have dinner at Red Lobster in Fremont. Although her birthday was the earlier that week, we decided to wait until her great grandparents were in town to celebrate. After dinner at Red Lobster we head back to the house for gifts and cake. Happy Birthday Aaliyah!

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  • Birthday sunday at Red Lobster in Fremont

  • Toby and Chicka

  • Aaliyah does not like Dora the Explorer anymore?

  • Victoria and Alan

  • Duck lip pose

  • One of the books that I gave as a gift

  • Opening more gifts

  • Alan, Aaliyah and Victoria

  • Colin really wants some cake

  • Time to get ready for the birthday cake

  • it's not time for cake YET

  • Lighting candles on the cake

  • Four candles for the birthday girl

  • Happy Birthday to you

  • Puzzles