May 24

Pride Night at Great America

I join Kelly and his friends for a fun 'gay' night at this year's Pride Night at Great America. It's been 'years' since the last time I attended this event (2005 to be exact). I had a fun time hanging out with new friends and going on rides I haven't ridden in a long time. Unfortunately the new coaster was not open yet. The headliner was talk show host Wendy Williams, also was Alex Newell or 'Unique' on Glee, he can really sing.

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • Kelly and Alan

  • Khang about to ride Celebration Swings

  • Scott, Gary and I ready to ride Celebration Swings

  • There goes Khang

  • Gary swinging high

  • Khang, John and Kelly about to ride Demon

  • The gang after we rode Demon

  • In line to ride Grizzly

  • Shelton and Ray on Grizzly

  • The host for the evenng with Richard Hallmarq from Project Runway

  • The main stage in front of the carousel at Great America

  • Headliner talkshow host, Wendy Williams

  • Singer Alex Newell 'Unique' from television's Glee

  • Singer Alex Newell 'Unique' from television's Glee

  • Cookie Dough Monster Show performs