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Colin’s 6th Birthday

We celebrate Colin's 6th Birthday in Fremont. For the occassion I make mango pomegranate guacamole. We had a fun time hanging out with the family and eating out in the patio. Colin enjoyed all the gifts he got for his birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLIN.

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  • BBQ Time

  • Preparing all the food for lunch

  • The garden planter boxes

  • Grilled oysters and fish

  • Pretty flowers

  • Toby and Chicka

  • A hooked strawberry

  • Andrew showing Toby the garden

  • Colin ready to open birthday gifts

  • A ticklish Colin burst into laughter

  • Spongebob birthday card

  • A remote Jeep from big sister

  • Is it a '6' or a '9'

  • Gifts from Uncle Alan and Toby

  • Colin with his Uncle Alan

  • Colin wanted cash for his birthday

  • Colin with his grandpa

  • Colin gets a watch for his birthday

  • Mom with Aaliyah, her great grand daughter

  • Cedric gets gifts too

  • This bow makes for a wonderful head piece

  • Group photo

  • And yet another group photo

  • Cake time

  • Cake time

  • Victoria and Aaliyah

  • Colin enjoying his birthday cake

  • Colin enjoying his birthday cake

  • Time to play with his new gifts