June 1 - 5

Ohio Rollercoaster Trip 2013

This years coaster trip took me to Ohio's Kings Island and Cedar Point. It was 13 years ago that I made this trek to these amusement parks and with almost the same friends! Jim, Randy and I visited these same parks in 2000 (along with Susanne). (Photo below circa June 2000).

This year, Jim was already in the Chicago area visiting Randy and going to amusement parks. I only joined them for two parks. I flew out on Saturday from San Francisco to Midway and then to Clevelend where I rented a car and drove down to Cincinnati to meet up at Kings Island. Sunday we spent all day in Kings Island and adding the Fast Pass Plus. Monday I drove Jim up to Cedar Point in Sandusky, where we all stayed in The Breakers Hotel on property. We entered the park that evening. Tuesday we spent the entire day in the park. Wednesdsay I had an late morning flight back home but had to leave the park fairly early to drive back to Cleveland. It was a short but packed trip to these fun thrill packed parks.

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Saturday: June 1

My Southwest flights from SFO to Midway in Chicago and connecting flight to Cleveland went without a hitch. I carried on my luggage without any issues either. Once in Cleveland I went to Enterprise to rent my Hyundai for the few days. From Cleveland I drove over 3 hours down to Cincinnati where we stayed at the Comfort Inn Northeast just south of the park. The weather was iffy that day with large looming thunderstorms and dark clouds, but there was little rain or wind. Jim and Randy arrived shortly after from their thrill packed day at Holiday World in Indiana. We went to Whitecastle to grab something quick then called it a night.

  • Saturday: Sunrise at SFO before my EARLY flight to Chicago

  • Stormy late afternoon skies in Ohio while driving to Cincinnati

  • My room at Comfort Inn in Cincinnati

Saturday: June 2

After our breakfast at the hotel I drive us to the park just before opening at 10am. We upgrade to the Fast Pass Plus for an additional $50, this enabled us to get in front of the line on any coaster! We rode the new coasters: Diamondback, Firehawk, and Backlot Stunt Coaster as well as our our favorite Beast woodie. We also rode the Windseeker and Delirium thrill rides. Jim and I did the upcharge Slingshot attraction which was only $10 on that day. We took a break late afternoon and had dinner at Lonestar Streakhouse and rested back at the hotel. We then went back to the park to close on Diamondback the The Beast at night.

Riding The Beast with Susanne back in 2000. Me at Kings Island when it was a Paramount Park.

  • Sunday: At Kings Island just north of Cincinnati

  • At Kings Island just north of Cincinnati

  • Randy and Jim and the Eiffel Tower

  • The small replica of the Eiffel Tower

  • Heading to the Diamondback coaster

  • Viewing the lift hill while waiting for the first car on Diamond Back

  • Which Peanuts character is this?

  • The steep first drop (over 200') of Diamondback

  • The final 'splash' of the coaster

  • The final 'splash' of the coaster

  • Randy riding solo

  • Randy returns victorious

  • Onride photo on Diamondback

  • With Peanut's Schroeder

  • With Peanut's Snoopy

  • The 300' foot tall Windseeker swing ride

  • Firehawk, their laydown coaster (a la Stealth)

  • Onride photo on Firehawk

  • Getting reading to be catapulted on Slingshot

  • And there we go, being shot into the sky

  • And there we go, being shot into the sky

  • Delirium, the huge rotating pendulum swing. Very relaxing

  • The over 250' Drop Tower

  • At the Eiffel Tower

  • View of where the former Son of Beast use to live

  • View of the Diamondback coaster

  • View of Windseeker as it rises over The Racer coaster

  • Up on the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower

  • A Peanuts live show near the fountains

  • FWEE!

  • A train crests the lift hill of Diamondback

  • A train careens back toward the station and the final water splash

  • Randy riding front row of The Beast

  • Fireworks as seen from the Beast station

  • Yes the Beast is still one of my favorite wood coasters

  • Onride photo on the Beast

Diamondback POV from front right seat (courtesty of deathbyillusion)

The Beast POV from front right seat (courtesty of KingsIslandOnline)

Monday: June 3

We were late to breakfast at Comfort Inn so we ate at Cracker Barrel after checking out. Jim rode with me on our trek north to Sandusky while Randy went to the outlet malls for some shoe therapy. We met up at Cedar Point later that afternoon while checking into the Breakers Hotel. At 5pm we entered the park. We rode the new Gatekeeper wing coaster just to get stuck around 20minutes when our train entered the station. For our inconvenience we got exit pass to ride Top Speed Dragster! We then rode Millennium Force and other rides before checking out the Luminosity live show. We hit the bar at TGIF in our hotel before turning in for the night.

Riding Millennium Force back in 2000 when it was the first coaster to break 300'.

  • Staying at The Breakers at Cedar Point

  • Room 3132 in the Bon Aire wing of this historic Breakers Hotel

  • I get a view of Lake Eerie

  • The little bathroom in my room

  • Jim and Randy's view from their 9th floor room

  • Lobby view of The Breakers hotel

  • Inner atrium in the older section of the hotel

  • Inner atrium in the older section of the hotel

  • The midway inside Cedar Point

  • The new wingcoaster, Gatekeeper, as it flys over the entrance

  • Out in front of the park with Gatekeeper coaster in the background

  • Out in front of the park with Gatekeeper coaster in the background

  • A little photoshop humor

  • Waiting in the station to board the new Gatekeeper

  • Onride photo on Gatekeeper

  • Special entry pass for Top Speed Dragster

  • Before and after onride photo on Top Speed Dragster

  • My favorite steel coaster Millennium Force

  • Luminosity live night show full of music, lights and fireworks

  • Luminosity live night show full of music, lights and fireworks

  • Taking a nap with Snoopy

Gatekeeper POV, the largest wing coaster as of 2013 (courtesty of themeparkreview)

Top Speed Dragster POV, the first coaster to break 400' (courtesty of themeparkreview)

Tuesday: June 4

Full day in Cedar Point, we take advantage of staying on property with the early 9am entrance. We head to the Maverick coaster, the last 'new' big coasters to check off our list. We did not upgrade to the Fast Pass for this park since the lines were not too bad. Although the skies were clear the temps didn't pass the mid 60s. We did brave getting wet on Shoot the Rapids, thank goodness for family dryers. We took a break mid day with lunch at TGIF. After relaxing on the shores of Lake Eerie we head back into the park for more rides and ended the day as it started, riding on Maverick.

  • Tuesday: Looking up at the 400+ spire of Top Speed Dragster

  • The twisty track of Maverick coaster

  • The twisty track of Maverick coaster

  • The twisty track of Maverick coaster

  • Onride photo on Maverick

  • At Millennium Force

  • This was once the tallest coaster in the world, first to break 400'

  • This was once the tallest coaster in the world, first to break 400'

  • Onride photo on Top Speed Dragster

  • Randy hugging Snoopy, not strangling him

  • Onride photo on the junior coaster Woodstock Express

  • Drinks at TGIF back at the hotel

  • Relaxing in the sun at TGIF

  • Drinks at TGIF back at the hotel

  • Along the beachside walkway

  • The older main section of the Breakers Hotel

  • Relaxing on the lakeside lounge chairs

  • Looking up the lifthill of Gatekeeper

  • The first slow dive roll of Gatekeeper

  • Oh oh Randy and I have been captured

  • Late night rides on Maverick

  • Rainbow lights on the Millennium Force lift hill

  • Posing with a Dinasaur

  • Ta Dah! Jim and Randy with Snoopy

  • Ta Dah! Jim and Alan with Snoopy

Maverick POV (courtesty of themeparkreview)

Wednesday: June 5

My travel day back home to California! I wake up early, checkout and hit the road back to Cleveland. I return my Hyundai at Enterprise and wait for my 11:15am flight to Midway with connecting flight back to San Francisco on Southwest. Again, there were no issues on my flight back. I arrived on time and Toby picked me up and brought me home. It was a fun trip to Ohio visiting Kings Island and Cedar point with Jim and Randy. I did add a few more coasters to my coaster counter. As they say in Cedar Point... Enjoy your stay at Cedar Point, America's Roller Coaster... Ride on!!

  • Wednesday: Sunrise over Lake Eerie

  • Say goodbye to Cedar Point. On drive back to Cleveland airport