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Bill & Maria’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

Our friend Billy invited us to attend his parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary 'Surprise' celebration at his friends home in San Mateo. We first met Billy's parents while on our trip to Cancun earlier this year where we all went out to dinner for Billy's friend's birthday. Congratulations to Bill and Maria!

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • Mimi and Billy with friends

  • The caterer had food station set up at the far end of the pool

  • A DJ played tunes on the lawn besides the pool

  • Inside the pool 'bar'

  • The guests of honor arrive... SURPRISE!

  • Bill with friends

  • Billy with is dad and friends

  • The family, Billy with his parents, his sister Mimi and her husband

  • The garden party around the pool

  • The catered meal was delicious

  • We ate by the bar table

  • Alan, Billy and Toby

  • Toby, Billy and Alan

  • The dance after they renewed their vows

  • The happy couple!

  • Billy dancing with the event hostess

  • Maria dancing with the event host

  • Shots by the pool bar

  • The anniversary cake

  • Photo of their wedding day on the cake

  • Bill and Maria cutting the cake

  • Billy, Alan, Maria and Toby

Congratulations Bill and Maria