June 29

San Francisco Pride Saturday

This week was a monumental week for LTGB rights which celebrated the historic legal decisions that occurred just days before the weekend. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court found the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as unconstitutional because it violated the right to equal protection under the law. DOMA was passed in 1996 which defined marriage as a legal union only between one man and one woman. Also on the same day the Supreme Court voted to let stand the court's August 2010 ruling that overturned the state voter approved gay marriage ban, or Prop 8 stating that it was unconstituational, thus clearing the way for same-sex marriages to resume in California.

We both wanted to celebrate this historic event with the pride events in San Francisco and originally was planning on attending the parade, but with the recent rulings the organizers expected HUGE crowds... and crowds equate to a head ache in our book.

The heat wave that has enveloped the bay area hit us hard on Saturday and we headed to San Francisco for some relief. We headed to Fort Point beneath the Golden Gate Bridge for it's cool ocean breezes. We then took public transportation to get to Castro that evening. But the rowdy crowd (mostly those who just wanted to party) was a bit much to take so we decided to head to the quieter Civic Center to check out the colorful lights of City Hall.

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • Looking down Market Street to the Ferry Building

  • Interesting sculptures adorn Chrissy Field

  • Walking toward Fort Point. Alcatraz in the distant background

  • The Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point

  • The Ferry crosses back under the Golden Gate Bridge

  • The new eastern span of the Bay Bridge

  • Whahhh

  • Alan and the Golden Gate Bridge

  • Toby and the Golden Gate Bridge

  • The Golden Gate Bridge

  • Out on the fishing pier by the warming hut by Chrissy Field

  • A very crowded Castro and Market

The colorful lights of City Hall celebrates a historic pride week in San Francisco.

  • Toby on Market Street

  • A few dressed up folks on Castro

  • Looking down a crowded Castro

  • Toby and I on Castro and Market

  • The Lookout Bar was hopping that evening

  • There was 'space' along Market street

  • It was quiet at the Civic Center where the festival will be held on Sunday

  • Color light on San Francisco City Hall

  • It was quiet at the Civic Center where the festival will be held on Sunday