July 13

The Wedding of Gretchen Lott and Joe Romano

We attend the nuptials for our dear dear friends Gretchen and Joe. The 2:30pm marriage ceremony was held at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Burlingame. Toby and I pick up Kathy from home and headed to the church early. After the ceremony the reception was held at the Hillsborough Racquet Club. We had a fantastic time celebrating at the reception. After the steak or fish dinner there were toasts followed by lots of dancing. It was great seeing Joe and Gretchen so happy. Everyone joined in the celebration for two such wonderful people. CONGRATULATIONS JOE & GRETCHEN... love you!

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  • Gretchen's eldest brother walking the Shirley, mother of the bride down the aisle

  • Junior Made of Honor, Sarah Heath, niece of bride

  • Gretchen's nephews: Zachary, Conor and Nathaniel Lott

  • Gretchen's nephews: Zachary, Conor and Nathaniel Lott

  • Maid of Honor, Bridget Lott

  • Gretchen escorted by her father Vernon

  • Gretchen escorted by her father Vernon

  • Gretchen escorted by her father Vernon

  • Gretchen and Joe at the alter

  • Fr. John Ryan presided over the ceremony. James and Matthew Heath are altar boys

  • The exchange of rings

  • Prayers of the Faithful read by Gretchen and Joes nieces and nephews

  • Bride presents flowers to Mother Mary

  • And they KISS!

  • Introducing Gretchen and Joseph Romano

  • Gretchen and Joseph Romano

  • The newly weds happy as ever

  • Patty and Tim Murphy

  • Sheila, Patty, Jim, Tim and Alan

  • Tim and Patty

  • Toby looking dapper in his blue shirt

  • Martha, Tim, Kathy, Toby and Sheila

  • Toby and Alan

  • Martha and Steve

  • Patty, Tim, Sheila, Jim and Alan

  • Sheila and Jim

  • Beautiful summer day at St. Catherine's

  • Hillsborough Racquet Club

  • Tables all set for the guests

  • We're seated at table #9

  • The lovely wedding cake and chocolate favors

  • Gorgeous gals, Martha, Patty and Sheila

  • I had to crash the photo

  • The guys: Alan, Toby, the groom Joe, Tim, Jim and Steve

  • Alan and Toby (photo by Martha)

  • Alan, Toby, Jim, Steve and Tim (photo by Martha)

  • Jim, Steve, the bride Gretchen, Martha, Kathy and Sheila

  • Gretchen looking so radiant

  • During our meal Gretchen addresses the guests

  • Gretchen is joined by her husband Joe

  • Joe thanks his guests, family and friends

  • Patrick Lott, Gretchen's eldest brother toasts

  • Junior Maid of Honor, Sarah says a few words

  • Bridget Lott toasting her little sister

  • The first dance

  • They look so elegant on the dance floor

  • I'm so happy that Gretchen found the man of her dreams

  • Ah, Joe is so in love

  • Gretchen showing how much she is enjoying this day

  • Pure bliss on such a perfect day

  • Soul mates

  • And so truly in love

  • After dinner it's time to cut the cake

  • Partying it up with Dana who sat at our table

  • Tim, where did you get that hat?

  • Joe and Gretchen dancing with family

  • Fellow wine drinkers, Patty and Alan

  • Hanging out: Steve, Martha, Jim, Sheila and Kathy

  • Probably line dancing to Cha Cha Slide

  • Oh oh I'm getting too much into the party. Dancing with Carol

  • Martha and Patty showing Gretchen some lovin

  • Smile! Martha, Patty and Moira

  • Me with the Bride!

  • Can we have another drink? Patty, Alan, Jim and Sheila at the bar

  • Yes I have officially drank too much... woot woot

  • Sheila dancing with bride and groom

  • Party all night long

Gretchen and Joe with Gretchen's parents: Vernon and Shirley. Gretchen's siblings (left to right): Jordan, Rebecca, Damien, Christopher, Anastasia, Patrick,
Bridget and Katie. (Photo by Mark Tomsic)

The spouses of the siblings join in (Photo by Mark Tomsic)

Gretchen and Joe with the nieces and nephews. (Photo by Mark Tomsic)

Congratulations to Joe and Gretchen on their nuptials. All my love, Alan