August 5

Celebrating August Birthdays

On a Monday after work Toby and I head up to San Mateo for the August birthday celebrations for Charley (15), Georgia (9) and Cameron (12). By this time Toby and I were mostly packed for our Mexico vacation the following morning. In San Mateo we had a fun time catching up with everyone and Barbara who was in town visiting from Kentucky. Barbara made Charley a fantastic guitar shaped cake to celebrate his 15th birthday. We had a wonderful time, delicious dinner and yummy cakes (3 of them) then watched the children open up their gifts. Happy Birthday Charley, Georgia and Cameron!!!

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • Kathy opening up her belated family birthday gift (wrapper by Georgia)

  • Kathy got a new undercounter radio for the kitchen

  • Toby trying to recreate a photo with Charley but the sun was too bright

  • This was the original photo we were trying to recreate

  • Whatz up dog

  • Watching Youtube videos of a guy falling off a log

  • Charley's guitar cake that Barbara created

  • Georgia and her cheesecake birthday cake

  • Charley and his auntie Barbara

  • Georgia about to blow out her birthday cake

  • Charley about to blow out his birthday 15 candles

  • Cameron about to blow out his birthday candles

  • Georgia gets some drawing mechanical pencils

  • Cameron gets a bird feeder from his parents

  • Charley gets a poster of him playing guitar

  • Georgia thanks her Uncle Toby for her gifts

  • We give Georgia some pink head phones for her iPod touch

  • We give Charley a cinch bag (not a head bag)

  • We also give Cameron a cinch bag

  • Cameron thanks Toby for his gift

  • They pulled out this full size 'man' George

  • Georgia gets an activity craft book from Barbara

  • Barbara gives Cameron movies burned onto DVDs

  • George and Cameron

  • Martha gives Georgia a friendship bracelet kit

  • George and Charley