September 8

Martha’s 50th Birthday Celebration

On a sunny warm Sunday afternoon Toby and I head down to the Clos LaChance Winery's Tasting Room to celebrate Martha's big birthday. The tasting room is perched above on a hill with lovely views of the vineyards below. We entered the foyer with a table full of wine glasses filled with white or red. We signed the special 'guest book bottle'. Appetizers were being served as guest arrived. Tables were set up on the terrace overlooking the valley. Soon, the rest of the family arrived. Soon food was being served from stations inside the ballroom and guests filled up the tables outside. I was overly hot and sat inside with air conditioning with Cameron at one of the high tables by the wine bar. We had a wonderful time seeing everyone and catching up with everyone in such a beautiful setting. Happy Birthday Martha, all our love Alan and Toby.

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • The entry way to the tasting room

  • Yes we are in the right spot

  • Toby and Mary sitting out on the terrace

  • Guest arriving and mingling

  • Kathy arrives with Gretchen and Joe

  • Lovely red roses and candles adorned the tables

  • The lawn below the terrace

  • More guests mingling

  • Kathy chatting with Gretchen and Susie

  • Loved these centerpieces

  • The appetizer table in center of the Grand Salon

  • The Grand Salon in the Tasting Room

  • Don't forget to sign the bottle

  • Jim, Sheila and the birthday girl, Martha

  • The wine bar and the high tables (where I had dinner with Cameron)

  • Looking out onto the terrace

  • In the glow of candles by the fireplace

  • Martha with Sheila and Virginia

  • Susie, Patty, Gretchen and I

  • Outside on the terrace with Patty

  • Patty and Toby

  • Beautiful evening on the terrace

  • Sheila, Patty and Toby

  • Patty, Sheila and I

  • Toby joins in for a photo op

  • Rich, Teri, Kathy, Mary, Toby and Sheila

  • Joe and Gretchen

  • Alan, Gretchen and Joe

  • Toby, Gretchen and Joe

  • Kathy, Gretchen and Martha

  • It was a perfect warm summer evening

  • Toby, Martha, Steve and Susie

  • View of the winery from the lawn area