September 22

Don’s 60th Birthday Bash

We celebrate our aerobics instructor's 60th birthday with a BBQ / Elvis bash at Don's home in San Jose.

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • The BBQ is going on the far end of the pool

  • Tony and Emily our Zumba instructor

  • Don's friend, Don and Larrie

  • Larrie and Alan

  • Helene and her husband

  • Elvis and Don

  • No diving in the pool Elvis

  • Elvis singing with the guests

  • Elvis and Don

  • Emily and Elvis

  • Tracy, Jack and Elvis

  • Tony and Elvis

  • Elvis with Toby and I

  • Elvis with Don's family

  • Helena and Alan

  • Stuart, Elaine and Alan

  • Alan, Akshay and Sooklan

  • Don and Alan

  • Alan and Toby

  • Delicious burnt almond cake

  • Happy Birthday Don

  • Emily leads the guests in Zumba

  • YMCA!

  • The girls

  • The guys