October 26

Halloween Workout at 24hr Fitness Sunnyvale

I attend this year's Halloween Workout at the 24hr Fitness in Sunnyvale and do the TKB (Akiko and Lavonne) portion of the event. I actually worked out prior to the event and had a mardi gras mask and beads to put on just before class started (an easy get up!). The event was a lot of fun especially seeing everyone in their costumes, but it sure was sweaty... even in my minimal costume. GREAT HALLOWEEN FUN.... BOOOO!

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • Waiting with instructors and students before class

  • Instructors Will and Akiko

  • Akiko and Kenny

  • Alanis and Akiko

  • Jill and Justin

  • Kenny, ?, and Justin

  • Jill and Alan

  • Sook Lan and Alan

  • Instructors unite! Don, Lavaonne, Kenny, Akiko, Jim, Will and Cassie

Group shot of those in costume, I'm in back row 2nd from the left (wearing a feathered mask)


I'm not in this video, just a bit off to the left. This is the R51 finale with Akiko on stage.