November 2

Celebrating Alan and Victoria’s Birthday

The family gets together in Fremont to celebrate Alan and Victoria's birthday. Unfortunately Mom and Dad couldn't make it due to medical reasons. Toby and I head over Saturday late morning to Fremont. We then head over to Newark Buffet for a yummy asian buffet luncheon. Afterwards we head back to Andrew/Rose home to hang out and open gifts. Thanks everyone for the birthday gifts and for the lunch, Victoria and I really appreciate it.

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • Toby and Aaliyah at Newark Buffet

  • The eight of us take over a large table, Jane had to sit in an overflow table

  • Aaliyah, with the birthday duo, Alan and Victoria

  • Jane, Aaliyah and Toby at Andrew's home

  • Me and Aaliyah being silly

  • Victoria and Aaliyah with something on their face

  • Cute

  • Andrew and Rose

  • Colin and Aaliyah getting into the birthday spirit

  • Black Forest cake! Yum

  • Ready to blow out the candles

  • Colin

  • Family group photo

  • Our silly photo

  • Victoria gets a BabyPhat jacket

  • I get iTune gift cards, just what I need

  • My Sistah!

  • Aaliyah with her favorite Uncle Toby