November 28

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving this year was at my parents home in Santa Nella. I arrived early on Wednesday and worked remotely from their home (I avoided holiday traffic too!). Colin and Cedric were already there. Andrew, Rose, and Jane came later that evening. Jane and I gave up on the old 1,500 piece puzzle we have tried to put together for a couple of holidays. Instead I bought an easier 1,000 piece puzzle which we completed during the visit! Yippie! On Thanksgiving Day Joey and Peter came down from Rancho Cordova to visit, they brought my sister a German Chocolate cake from scratch! Yum! On Friday, we (except mom and Jane) went shooting at Tumey Hills (seems like that is becoming a holiday tradition), after dinner I drove back home to Menlo Park. Thanks for a wonderful holiday!

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • Jane looking for all the edges on our new puzzle

  • Wednesday night we hit the hot tub

  • Thanksgiving Day with Dad and Andrew

  • The puzzle is coming along

  • The puzzle is coming along even better

  • Rose and Andrew BBQ lemon pepper chicken wings and drum sticks

  • Cedric and Colin playing catch in the backyard

  • Happy Birthday cake

  • Happy Birthday to you...

  • Happy Birthday to you...

  • Joey shows Peter where the island of Bohol is

  • Picture time.. the men

The family at Thanksgiving!

  • Picture time... the women

  • Crazy photo

  • The Fremont Clan

  • Playing with the mustache and sideburns I bought

  • Playing with the mustache and sideburns I bought

  • Rose looking over all the food for Thanksgiving

  • Jane opening up her birthday gifts

  • We FINISH the puzzle!!

  • We FINISH the puzzle!!