December 20

Emily’s 12th Birthday

We celebrate Emily's 12th Birthday in San Carlos. We had a fun time and delicious dinner with the family. Emily enjoyed the backpack we got her from Cost Plus. Afterwards, Toby brough his mom home while Jim and Sheila brought me back to my car at Toby's office. We made a detour first with a drive down Eucalyptus Drive to marvel at all the house lights. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • Jumping on the trampoline at night

  • Jumping on the trampoline at night

  • Look at those high splits!

  • Cameron and Emily

  • Toby and Red

  • Emily opening up her gifts

  • Georgia and Emily hamming it up for the camera

  • Emily opening up her backpack

  • More gifts for Emily

  • Inspecting her new backpack

  • Jim, Sheila, Kathy, Martha and Toby relaxing on the couch

  • Tim and Patty light up the candles on the cake

  • Happy Birthday to Emily

  • We're about to eat some yummy cake

  • Me and Georgia

  • Jim, Sheila, Kathy and Martha

  • Lights on Eucalyptus Drive

  • Lights on Eucalyptus Drive