December 21

Holiday at the Darcy’s

Martha and Steve host another fabulous holiday gathering at their festive home in San Martin.

For an activity, Martha had us create penguin ornaments with pinecones. We had fun adding our own personal touches to our penquins making them unique and individual (I added a mohawk!)

For dinner, Steve and Martha prepared a delicious pork rib roast with all the fixings. The men sat in the table off the kitchen while the women sat in the dining room.

After dinner we gathered by the Christmas tree were I set up the camera to take a family group photo. Afterwards we the children opened up gifts and the adults had fun with the 'gift exchange'. I opened up the cap with ear phones but ended up with the wine decanter. Toby got See Candies gift certificates. Sheila ended up with my CostPlus blanket.

We had a wonderful time together for the holidays. Merry Christmas everyone!

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • The Christmas menu for 2013

  • The nicely decorated fireplace. Love the 'W' for an 'M'

  • Toby, Sheila and Georgia

  • Alan, Toby and Sheila starting to create our penguin ornaments

  • Martha helping Kathy with her ornament

  • Alan and Emily sharing some paint

  • Close up of one of the penguins

  • Jim's penguin holding a Manhattan

  • Alan's mohawk penguin looks more like an owl haa haa

  • The walk of the Penguins

  • Georgia and Emily ham it up while I set up the camera

  • Fwee

  • At least I got two in the air

  • Georgia showing us some kung fu moves?

  • Whuuuwahhh my little grasshopper!

  • Tim and Patty and the girls

  • Tim and Patty and the girls

  • Jim and Georgia

Darcy Holiday Family Gathering

  • Martha and Toby

  • The Darcy holiday family photo

  • The Darcy holiday family photo (without flash)

  • Our true innerself comes out

  • Georgia opening up her gifts

  • Cameron opening up his gifts (forgot what it was)

  • Olivia gets a fantanstic art set

  • Charley gets iTunes gift card

  • The wine flask I eventually got

  • Kathy opens up the hickory farms box

  • The earphone cap that Patty/Tim eventually got

  • Toby got See's gift cards

  • Sheila steals the blanket from Steve

  • Martha opens up a pocket breathelizer

  • It's dinner time

  • The girls eat in the formal dining table

  • Toby and Alan by the fireplace