December 24 - 26


This year we spend Christmas at parents home in Santa Nella, although originally everything was set to celebrate the holiday at my brother's home in Fremont. Due to mom's growing back pain issue the venue was changed at the last minute. To decrease the amount of time mom usually spends cooking Rose and I brought food to prepare for the holidays.

Day 1 - Christmas Eve

I drive to Santa Nella after packing my car earlier that morning. I arrive around noonish. Shortly Victoria and my sister arrive. We help put up the Christmas tree. I also make guacamole. Later that evening Andrew and his family arrive. Rose brings Filipino food for our evenings meal. That evening I teach everyone the National Dance for 2013 to Bruno Mars "Treasure". We also celebrate Rose's birthday. Later that night we 'tape' our new dance routine! And then we open gifts! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • Hot rum toddy.... yum

  • Decorate that tree NOW... REVERSE...

  • Merry Christmas from Santa Nella

  • Giant Squid!

  • Jane making her special Christmas martini

  • CHEERS. Savoring Jane's Christmas martini

  • CHEERS. Savoring Jane's Christmas martini

  • Andrew was the first to take a nap

  • Victoria playing Life with Colin

  • Happy Birthday to Rose

  • Happy Birthday to Rose

  • Happy Birthday to Rose

  • Everyone is getting tired

  • The grandkids

  • Chicka looking for a sled to pull

  • Andrew and his family

  • Andrew and his family

  • Birthday gifts for Rose

  • Birthday gifts for Rose, I give her the Victoria Secret gift card

  • A new BB gun just for Colin

  • Gifts from Grandparents

  • Let's play catch

  • Colins gift from Jane

  • Gifts for Colin, I give him the Ninjago sticker book

  • Clothes for Colin

  • A new piggy bank full of coins

  • Pajamas for Cedric

  • I give Cedric the latest Dan Brown book

  • Gift card for Cedric

  • Gifts for Cedric, I give him the red long sleeve shirt

  • Is Cedric the gift?

  • New clothes for Vicky

  • I give Vicky the books and Target gift card

  • Gifts for Victoria

  • Tshirts for Alan

  • Gifts for Alan Dale

  • Nice new 'fake' candles

  • Gifts for Rose, I gave her the black sweater

  • I give Andrew the calendar and the EBay gift card

  • Gifts for Andrew

  • Nice hat bro

  • Jane and new clothes

  • Gifts for my sister! I gave her the Best Buy gift card

  • New sweat pants

  • Picture taking Alan Dale

  • Gifts for mom

  • The books I got for mom

  • Tshirts for Daddio

  • Dad's gifts. I got him the calendar and BassPro gift card.

Our dance routine for 2013.... National Dance Day routine to Bruno Mars "Treasure". Original routine choreographed by DizzyFeet for "So You Can Dance". Click here to view the routine taped by Lauren Fitz dance class. (CLICK HERE)



Day 2 - Christmas Day

On Christmas Day we go to the 11:30am mass at St. Joseph's church in Los Banos. When we return from church, Joey and Peter were at the house. We continue with the celebration with more food and drink. That afternoon Jane leaves for Renee and that evening Victoria heads home to see Aaliyah. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  • The food is almost ready

  • Rose cooking pancit

  • Alan the bartendar mad at work making cosmos

  • Roomies... Jane and Peter

  • Joey and Rose... CHEERS

  • Galindez Christmas 2013

  • Galindez Christmas 2013

  • Galindez Christmas 2013

  • Andrew's Family

  • The Fremont Clan

  • The men

  • The women (minus Jane)

  • Mom and Daddio

  • Chicka and her new sweater from the Batos

  • Dad, mom with Joey and Peter

  • Joey and Peter open up their gifts

  • Chicka protecting her new chew toy

  • Stike a pose!