December 29

Purisima Hike - North Ridge Trail

On a nice gorgeously clear and warm day we hike the North Ridge Trail at Purisima Open Space Preserve along Skyline Blvd in San Mateo County. We have actually done a portion of this hike before but this time we almost went to the very end. The hike is a little decieving since there is a steep descent over several hundred feet of elevation change... the hike back up was a little grueling. But the spectacular views of the coast and Half Moon Bay were worth it. The skies were so clear you can see the Farallon Islands!

Click on thumbnails to view larger images:

  • We start the hike on the shaded redwood and fern covered trail

  • The limbs on this tree reminded me of a ladder

  • Some sun trickled through the dense tree canopy

  • Toby on a tree

  • Wavy ferns

  • At the fork in the trail

  • The trail opens up to coastal views

  • The trail opens up to coastal views

  • Sweeping views over the coastal hills

  • So clear from this vantage point

  • The trail winds through that distant hill

  • The sun is warming us up

  • Hiking along the saddle portion of the trail

  • Fwee!

  • View of Half Moon Bay and even the Farallon Islands

  • It's warming up.. time for Toby to remove his shirt

  • Lots of elevation change on this hike.. made us sweat a lot

  • Coastal view in the background

  • Coastal view in the background

  • Half Moon Bay in the far distance

  • This was a nice hike on a gorgeous day

  • Wave to the camera

  • Not looking forward to the hike back up

  • Some portions of the hike had slippery rocks.. hate that

The North Ridge Hike at Purisima Open Space Preserve