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Updated: December 31, 2006
2006 Events
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January 8
Chinatown and Lombard St.
We visit Chinatown and Lombard St. in San Francisco.
January 10-11
Macworld Expo SF
I attend Macworld with Diana and Kerianne.
January 13
Susanne's Birthday Party
Susanne turns 41 on Friday the 13th!
January 15
Chrissy Field and Palace of Fine Arts
We spend the day up in San Francisco.
January 21-22
Sawyer Camp Trail and Marin
Our weekend in the fog and then sun.
January 21
Dinner in Milpitas
Parents stop by for dinner.
January 24
Tim and Bill's Birthday Dinner
Celebration dinner at the Murphy's in San Mateo.
January 29
Coyote Hill's in Fremont
We hike Coyote Hills before attending nephew's party in Fremont.
January 29
Cedric's 4th Birthday
My nephew's party in Fremont.
January 29
Patty's Birthday Dinner
We have dinner at the Murphy's in San Mateo.


February 4
Golden Gate National Cemetary
We go hiking and then visit the cemetary in San Bruno.
February 5
Japanese Tea Gardens and deYoung Museum
We go up to Golden Gate Park.
February 5
Valentine Card Party
We attend Gretchen's annual card making party.
February 11
Hakone Gardens
We visit the Japanese gardens in Saratoga
February 11
Dad's Birthday Dinner
We go to ABC Seafood in Milpitas
February 12
Sawyer Camp Trail
We take a walk on the San Mateo trail.
February 18
Pacific Orchid Expo
We go to orchid festival at Fort Mason.
February 20
Sweeny Ridge Trail
We hike up to the Portola Discovery site in San Bruno.
February 21
The Lion King
* Parents, Victoria and I go to San Jose to see the Lion King.
February 23
Ariel and Cindy's going away events
Fellow co-worker's last day.
February 25-26
Seal Point Park and Mt. Davidson
We visit park in San Mateo and San Francisco

* No additional photos


March 4
Stanford University
We visit the Palo Alto campus.
March 7
Chef Chu's
Louie, Julie, Steph and Kelly met up in Mt. View for dinner.
March 9-12
We go to Calif. Adv. and Disneyland.
March 15 - 18
Santa Monica and Fred Visit
Graphics meeting in SanMon.
March 19
Stowe Lake in Golden Gate Park
We stroll around the Lake.
March 26
Pigeon Point and Año Nuevo
We drive down the San Mateo coast.


April 1-2
Toby Birthday Weekend
Play in SF, Dinner, and walking Sonny
April 4
La Strada
* Dinner out with friends Steph, Julie and Kelly.
April 7. NEW CAMERA purchased
April 8-9
Sawyer Camp Trail and Musee Mechanique/SF
The fun weekend activities.
April 10
Tamarine with Susanne
* We go out for dinner in Palo Alto.
April 12
Thea with Lon
* We go out for Mediterranean food in Santana Row in San Jose.
April 15
Atrascadero Preserve & Japanese Gardens
We take Sonny for a walk and then go to Japanese Gardens.
April 16
Easter in Santa Nella
The family gathers at my parents for the holiday.
April 22
Mills Canyon
We hike the Burlingame Hills.
April 22
Andrew's 43rd Birthday
We have dinner at El Burro in Newark.
April 24- 30
Chicago/Kentucky Vacation
Visit the Windy City and Lexington Kentucky.

* No additional photos


May 7
Concours d'Elegance and San Bruno Mt.
May 8 - 10
Symantec Vision 2006
I attend this year's conference in San Francisco.
May 13
Putnam County Spelling Bee"
We see the musical in San Francisco.
May 14
Mother's Day in Fremont
The family gathers in Fremont for Mother's Day,
May 20-22
"Tatsu" ACE Event
Jim and I head down to Magic Mountain.
May 27-29
Memorial Weekend
An event filled weekend.


June 4
Biking to Foster City
We attend Art & Wine Festival.
June 11
Art in the Park, Belmont
Out and about...
June 17
Angelica's Party
Graduation party in Soledad.
June 17-18
Father's Day
Weekend at Thousand Trails.
June 20
CHP Day and BBQ
Family open house at the Redwood City CHP.
June 21-23
Santa Monica
I attend work meeting and also visit Fred.
June 24-25
SF Gay Pride
Attend Pink Sat, and see parade on Sun.
June 29
Milagro's Lunch
* Elizabeth, Diana and I go on farewell lunch
June 29
Tied House Dinner
The gang goes to dinner in Mt. View

* No additional photos


July 2
Biking Cañada Road
Bike to Pulgas Water Temple.
July 3
Day trip to wine country.
July 4
Fourth of July BBQ
Go hiking and BBQ at the Murhy's.
July 7
Alan's work in Mt. View
I move from RWC to Mt. View campus.
July 9
SF Embarcadero Piers
We walk along SF waterfront.
July 9
Dinner at the Murphy's
* My parents have dinner with the Murphys.
July 15-16
Tobin-Clark and Thousand Trails
Out and about this hot weekend.
July 22
Cooling off from the 100+ heat!
July 23
Titanic Exhibit
Touring exhibit in the Metreon in San Francisco
July 26
El Burro
* I treat Andrew and Victoria to dinner after their vacation.
July 30
Mt. Diablo
We ascend the very top of Mt. Diablo...

* No additional photos


August 2-5
Tahoe Donner
Relaxing up in Lake Tahoe with Toby's family.
August 6
Gray Whale Cove
We also visit Moss Beach.
August 10
Georgia and Charley B-Day
Birthday celebrations in Redwood Shores.
August 11
Gamenight at Julie's
Night of dinner and games.
August 12
Art & Jazz Festival
* Burlingame Festival
August 13
WGM Summer Event
Work event in Woodside.
August 19
Biking & Isobune
We take Charley to sushi.
August 20
"Light of the Piazza"
Matinee at the Orpheum.
August 27
Mike's 20th AA Party
Party in Milpitas.


September 3
Water Ski
Family skis at San Luis Resevoir
September 4
Labor Day
Fitzgerald Marine Preserve
September 6-9
PhotoshopWorld Vegas
Yearly conference this year in Vegas!
September 10
Fort Baker - Sausalito
Head over the Golden Gate for the day.
September 16
Kevin's 40th Birthday Picnic
Picnic at Oak Meadow Park.
September 16
Betty's 90th Birthday Picnic
Picnic at San Mateo Central park.
September 17
Murphy BBQ
Family BBQ
September 22-29
Hawaii Vacation
Vacation to Kauai and Waikiki, Oahu


October 7
Half Moon Bay
Picking pumpkins.
October 15
SF and Cheesecake Factory
Day in San Francisco.
October 21
Big Sur
Spend a day in Ventana
October 29
Dinner at Mijana
Birthday Dinner in Burlingame
October 31
Asian Art Museum
Toby and I take the day off and head to SF.


November 4
Birthdays in Fremont
Family celebrate Alan and Victoria's BDays
November 6-8
Houston Highlander Mtg.
Houston for work
November 11
Gang at Kelly's Pad
The gang meets at Kellys for a day of fun.
November 12
Treasure Island
Explore island.
November 23
Thanksgiving in Santa Nella
November 25
Mt. Davidson
Clear day in San Francisco
November 25
SF Auto Show
Also see Union Square tree
November 27
Move to Menlo Park
1941 Cottage


December 2
Symantec Holiday Party
Masquerade Ball in SF
December 9
Christmas Tree
We get a small tree
December 9
WGM Holiday Party
Party at SF City Hall
December 10
Pregnant Johanna
We visit in Monterey
December 15
Gift Exchange
Dinner and Games at Stephs.
December 21
Holiday Lights
Eucalyptus Drive in San Carlos.
December 24-25
Christmas 2006
Holiday in Santa Nella.
December 26
Visit Fred
Drive down to Salinas to visit Fred.
December 27
"Dancing with the Stars"
Parents, Victoria and I see tour in San Jose.
December 29
Elizabeth, Diana and I have lunch in RWC.
December 30
Pigeon Pt. Lighthouse
We sightsee the San Mateo coast.