Last Updated on December 29, 2011
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This Month, December . . .


December 1
SES Dinner
Department dinner at Maggianos
December 3 - 10
Visit six theme parks in one week
December 14
Eucalyptus Drive
Holiday lights in San Carlos
December 16
Our Christmas Tree
We decorate our Charlie Brown tree



December 17
Weil Holiday Event
Holiday party at the Flood Mansion in San Francisco
December 18
Stacks Redwood City
Brunch with friends in RWC
December 22
Holiday Dinner in San Mateo
Dinner and gifts exchange
December 24 - 26
Holiday with family

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January 2011


January 1
New Years Day Dinner
Dinner at the Murphys
January 7
Visit with Johanna
Dinner at Pasta Pomodoro in San Francisco
January 9
Bill & Kathy’s 53rd Anniversary
Dinner in San Martin
January 15
Hike to Carson Falls
Hiking in Marin County
January 22
Sushi Sams
Dinner with friends in San Mateo



January 23
Coyote Hills
Hiking the regional park in Fremont
January 23
January Birthdays
Afternoon at Hangar 8 in San Carlos
January 27
Macworld Expo
Annual trek for macophiles
January 29
Cedric’s 9th Birthday
Fremont to give Cedric his gift
January 29
Wendy’s 30th Birthday Bash
Celebration at Rosewood Bar in San Francisco

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February 2011


February 6
Mount Tamalpais
Hike on Marin's famed peak
February 11
Sheila’s Birthday Celebration
Family get together in San Carlos
February 12
Dad's 73rd Birthday Celebration
With dinner at Espana in Los Banos
February 13
Redondo Beach
Visit beach in Half Moon Bay



February 20
Long Ridge Hike
Hike Long Ridge Open Preserve off Skyline Blvd.
Febuary 27
Bidwell Bayfront Park and CSM
Exploring local parks with views
February 27
Rob’s Birthday Dinner
Celebrate Robs birthday in San Mateo

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March 2011


March 5
Kelly’s Birthday Bowling Bash
March 9 - 14
Maui, Hawaii
Capture some winter warmth in Hawaii



March 17
St Patrick’s Day
Celebrate holiday at the Cerna's
March 26
OMD Concert in Oakland
Fox Theater performance from 80's group

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April 2011


April 2
Chow in San Francisco
Dinner off Castro
April 3
San Mateo Japanese Tea Gardens
Visit the park in early Spring
April 3
Toby’s Birthday in San Mateo
Family dinner
April 8
Toby’s Birthday in San Martin
Evening with the Darcy's at Corde Valle



April 10
The Garden Project
Betty's backyard garden takes shape
April 16
Aaliyah’s 2nd Birthday
Dinner event in Oakley
April 23-24
Easter holiday with the family
April 30
Birthday Celebations at Town
Celebrating Toby, Louie and Chris' Birthday

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May 2011


May 5
Day at the Beach
San Gregorio Beach
May 8
Mother’s Day
Weekend with parents
May 8
Mother's Day San Carlos
Kathy's celebration in San Carlos
May 18 - 22
Grand Tetons and Yellowstone
Visit National Parks in Wyoming



May 25
Glee Live
Season 2 live tour in San Jose
May 28
Colin’s 4th Birthday
Thousand Trails birthday celebration
May 30
Memorial Day
* Dinner at Tim and Patty's, Barbara visits

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June 2011


June 5
Sunset Celebration
Sunset Magazine open house
June 17
* Dinner at Home in San Francisco



June 19
Father’s Day in Fremont
Family get together for the holiday
June 26
San Francisco Pride
Pride parade in the city

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July 2011


July 2 - July 11
Toby’s Garden Update
Flourishing San Mateo garden
July 3-4
July Fourth at Thousand Trails
Hot weekend in Morgan Hill
July 5
Bill Murphy
Toby's father passes
July 8
Billy Elliott the Musical
Dinner and a show in San Francisco
July 10-22
Bill Murphy’s Memorial
St. Catherine's Church in Burlingame



July 17
Connoisseur’s Market Place
Menlo Park annual street fair downtown
July 22-24
Lake Tahoe: Squaw Valley
Weekend in Lake Tahoe
July 28
Michal’s Baby Shower
Co-worker's baby shower at the office
July 31
Grey Whale Cove
Overcast day along the coast

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August 2011


August 6
Charlie and Georgia’s Hangar Party
Charley's 13 and Georgia's 7th Birthday
August 11
Cameron’s 10th Birthday Party
Get together in San Martin
August 13
Stephanie’s Birthday
Belated birthday celebration in Sunnyvale
August 14
The Ramp
Brunch in San Francisco



August 21
Stanford Dish
Hike up to Dish in Palo Alto
August 26
Victoria & Romarr’s Weddomg
Wedding in Pittsburg, California
August 27 - 29
West Hollywood and Magic Mountain
Visit Fred and Rich/Kit

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September 2011


September 3
* German dinner in San Francisco
September 6 - 9
Crater Lake and Lava Beds
Visit National Parks
September 10
Fleet Foxes Concert
Alternative band at Greek Theater, Berkeley
September 14
Giants vs Padres
SES team outting



September 18
Grey Whale Cove
Gorgeous day at the beach
September 22
BATS Improv
Work team building class
September 24
Sound of Music Sing Along
Weekend in LA visiting Fred

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October 2011


October 2
Castro Street Fair
Fair with Julie and Kelly
October 9
A day at the beach
October 15
La Terrasse
Birthday dinner in San Francisco
October 22
Victoria & Alan’s Family Birthday
Lunch at El Burro then gifts in Fremont
October 23
Borel Hill
Hike to top of Russian Ridge



October 28
Weil Halloween TGIF
Halloween event at Weil
October 29
Mount Madonna
Day visit during camping weekend
October 30
Dinner at Roy’s in San Francisco
Nice birthday seafood dinner in the city
October 31
Halloween in Redwood Shores
Trick or treat!

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November 2011


November 2
Dinner at Xanh in Mountain View
Julie and Kelly treat me to dinner
November 4
San Francisco with Staci
Toby, Jenna and I give a tour of SF to Staci
November 5
A Night out in the City
Louie, Kelly, Felicia and I paint the town



November 23
Family gathering at parents
November 26
Fall Leaves
Ride our bikes to see the fall color

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December 2011


December 3 - 10
Visit six theme parks in a week
Title of Event



Title of Event
Title of Event

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